Friday, April 29, 2011

Wed to perfection

It’s here and gone. Royal Wedding Day 2011. I wasn’t one of the billions of sleep-deprived people to wake up and watch it live, but I did catch most of the highlights and saw the kiss live this morning. In my opinion, the best moment, which I actually caught live while at work (thanks boss for being as excited about the wedding as me), was seeing William and Kate in their getaway convertible, elated and somewhat amused that they surprised everyone by driving off by themselves. With foil balloons trailing behind, plastic bows firmly affixed and a JU5T WED license plate, they managed to incorporate a fun element into the staunchly formal affair. They looked like a couple of kids having fun with daddy’s fancy car, and that made them relatable, human, like a couple of really cool friends of mine just got married, albeit the getaway car was some kind of vintage Aston Martin.

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Of course, what I was most eager to see was THE wedding dress, which ended up not really being about the dress at all. Sure, the dress was absolutely flawless, but it was an adorning embellishment to the bride and merely highlighted and enhanced her natural beauty. Unlike Princess Diana, where the yards of silk taffeta and tulle swallowed her up and weighed her down, Kate seemed comfortable in a dress that flowed effortlessly with her. She looked breathtakingly beautiful, radiant and oh-so-elegant, as well as modest. The simple satin, classic lace, timeless silhouette. She looked the part of a modern-day fairytale princess bride and did it in her own style, which exuded classic elegance, likely to stand the test of time. This leads me to my next installment in the list series.

30 Timeless Fashion Staples/Trends that I LOVE:
1.    Pearls
2.    Ruffles
3.    Lace
4.    Silk
5.    Diamonds
6.    Bows
7.    Satin
8.    Feathers
9.    Ribbon/Sashes
10.   Pumps
11.   Cardigans
12.   Ballet flats
13.   Scarf/Pashmina shawl
14.   Little Black Dress
15.   Pencil skirt
16.   Trench coat
17.   Denim jeans
18.   Plain white fitted t-shirt
19.   Collared button-down shirts
20.   Capri pants
21.   Sunglasses (oversized & aviator)
22.   Jean jacket
23.   Designer leather purse (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc.)
24.   Wrap dress
25.   Fitted blazer
26.   Hoop earrings (gold or silver)
27.   Turtleneck
28.   Classic watch
29.   Pea coat
30.   Flowers

One British trend that I haven’t quite embraced are those over-the-top hats that all the women wore at the Royal Wedding. They look really fun, but I’m just not quite sure I could pull that off anywhere here. Check out the interesting styles…

Did you miss out on the wedding and want to know the play-by-play of the ceremony? Here is the official program of the Royal Wedding…

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