Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

Happy April Fools’ Day! For a special treat, in honor of the prankster’s holiday, let’s have a little fun around here! Below are some links to sites that showcase some of the most side-splittingly hilarious, creepy, bizarre and just plain odd images. The most recent site I discovered is Cake Wrecks. After you peruse this site, you’ll understand why I want to learn how to decorate my own cakes.
Here is the cake that started it all:
"Best Wishes Suzanne | Under Neat that | We will miss you"
Some of my other favorite funny sites include:

All this laughing isn’t all for naught either - laughter is actually good for your health. Here are some fun facts about laughter from Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana {via}:
  • Laughter lowers the levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol suppresses the immune system. Lowering these levels enhances the work of the immune system and may prevent disease.
  • You can stimulate your heart and lungs, elevate your blood pressure and improve breathing capacity by laughing.
  • In terms of exercise, you can get the same benefits from laughing 100 times a day, as you can from 10 minutes of rowing.
  • 15 minutes of laughter equals the benefit of 2 hours sleep.
  • One good belly laugh burns off 3 1/2 calories.
  • Laughing for 15 seconds adds 2 days to your life span.
  • The Chinese laugh more than any other culture in the world (Yes! Seriously?).
Here’s another good article about the health benefits of laughter:

If you’re looking for this year’s high-tech April Fools' Day pranks, check out these links:,2817,2382937,00.asp

Leave a comment if you know of any other sites that leave you in stitches.

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