Wednesday, April 13, 2011

List mania

If you can’t already tell, I love lists…making lists, reading lists, checking things off lists. So to feed this obsession, I’ve decided to start a series of lists featuring different topics about anything and everything. You’ll just have to check back to see what list I’ve conjured up next. For the inaugural list – a list of 30 catchy, upbeat and uplifting songs that you can work out or dance to. Okay, I know that’s really not a good title and it ends in a preposition. However, the inspiration for this list stemmed from my Zumba classes. If you’ve ever been to a Zumba class, were you ever a little put off by some of the lyrics to the songs that were played? Really, I would rather not have to listen to songs about drinking, clubbing or something related to the female anatomy. Sure, the beats and tunes are kind of catchy, but I’m also left with an uneasy feeling. So, without further ado, the first list. Some of these songs are also ones that I’d like to choreograph for Zumba, whenever I become an instructor.

30 Uplifting Workout Songs:
3.      Tonight {Toby Mac}
9.      Life {Beckah Shae}
30.  Trinity Takeover - Latin Dance Collection, Vol. 1 (awesome for Zumba)

Also, just for fun...have you seen Rebecca Black's "Friday" video yet? It's one of the more recent Internet sensations, with more than 100 million hits on YouTube and more than 2 million dislikes. Yes, it's almost unbearably painful to watch, but then you realize the tune is stuck in your head and you start singing it in the shower. You can thank me later when you find yourself singing along with these deplorable lyrics. Here it is in all its teeny-bopper glory.

As a result of this Internet craze, there have been a surprising number of parodies. One of these is the Christian remake of it by Christian Community Church, called "Sunday."

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