Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Around the world

As a child, I remember my parents would subscribe to National Geographic magazine. The glossy, colorful covers, framed with distinct yellow borders, were irresistibly enticing and magically mesmerizing. Even the smell of the ink and the weight and texture of the paper between your fingers would evoke a sense of adventure. The photographs practically came to life and sucked me into this mysterious world that I knew existed somewhere out there, but I’d yet to see. 

My fascination with travel and exploration began at an early age, and even awarded me a first place trophy in my fifth grade geography bee. I actually remember that a National Geographic Kids magazine subscription was included in my winnings, and I also remember the winning answer – glaciers! It happened to be just my luck that my last family vacation had been to Glacier National Park in Montana. To this day, traveling is one of the things that most excites and inspires me, except now I realize that plane tickets aren’t cheap and now my husband and I have to fund these adventures somehow. Even though traveling can be somewhat expensive, I tend to value the time and experience much more than the investment. This brings me to the second installment of my list series – 30 places I would like to see in my lifetime…

30 Places I Hope to Visit (in no particular order):
1.   Alaska
2.   Hawaii
3.   Greece
4.   Italy
5.   Costa Rica
6.   New Zealand
7.   Fiji
8.   Great Britain
9.   France
10. Spain
11. Virgin Islands
12. Israel
13. Egypt
14. Australia
15. Great Barrier Reef
16. Bahamas
17. Rio de Janeiro
18. South Africa
19. Tahiti
20. Hong Kong
21. Germany
22. Thailand
23. Turkey
24. Puerto Rico
25. Manchu Picchu
26. Ireland
27. Dubai
28. Switzerland 
29. Japan
30. St. Lucia
Source: flickr.com via Teresa on Pinterest


  1. You sound like me, basically I want to go EVERYWHERE!!!

  2. Haha, yeah - if only I could go everywhere!