Saturday, January 8, 2011


Capturing memories and emotions in a point in time - that is what most fascinates me about photography. It is both an art, as well as a means to stop time in an instant. I can't help but marvel at beautiful and breathtaking photographs. It's almost as if it draws me into another time or another place. 

My challenge is to be able to take better photographs and to record and document those memorable moments that I want to cherish for a lifetime. These enduring images are something that surpass time, and I want to be able to leave these behind and pass them on for generations. 

For my wedding gift about two and half years ago, my husband gave me my first digital SLR camera, a Canon 40D. It gets the occasional use every so often, mostly on vacations, but I admit that the frequency of use has yet to justify the investment spent on the equipment. That is something that I would like to change, so I've been looking for a photography class to sharpen my skills and reinforce the basics that I've never been taught formally. 

I'm a sucker for free stuff, so of course, I scoped out the web for any free, online photography courses to take. No surprise, a whole slew of sites seem to offer free courses, online videos, seminars, and advice. Decision, decisions...Well, I'm sure it doesn't hurt to try several of these out, so I've compiled a list of the ones that most interested me. 

  • offers an archived 12-week course, titled "12 Weeks to Better Photos". There are downloadable pdf lesson guides each week, as well as coursework and challenges. 
  • does not have a structured class format, but does offer more advanced topics. It's more of a resource center rather than a course. 
  • Poynter's News University, offers several online journalism courses and seminars, ranging in a variety of topics related to journalism, media training, and photojournalism. The class that most intrigued me is called Language of the Image. This is a self-directed course that teaches about visual language in the context of photo storytelling. 
  • is another site that features an array of photography tips and tutorials. 

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