Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spilling the beans…

...about our little bean, who is not so much a bean now but more like the size of a navel orange! Yes, we will be expecting the grand arrival of our first little one at the end of February, and we’re ecstatic about the newest addition to our family. 

My hubs is hoping for a leap day baby, but I’m a little confused about the whole thing and how it would work with legal documents and birthdays and such so I would rather avoid all that. Anyways, I've been extremely blessed and have actually been feeling great so far (the first question people ask me), no morning sickness or nausea! I'm now ready to move from the "oh, she's putting on some weight" phase to the "aww, what a cute little baby bump" phase...but not quite ready yet for the "man, are you having twins?" phase.

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