Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Give thanks

Anyone else wonder whatever happened to Thanksgiving? After Halloween, it's all about Christmas...I'm pretty sure I saw Christmas decorations for sale even in the middle of summer. I have to admit that we do already have our Christmas tree up, however I also wanted to take time to celebrate and reflect on the Thanksgiving holiday and what I am so thankful, grateful and blessed with this year. So, here's my list...

30 Things For Which I'm Thankful This Year
  1. Jesus Christ, for His saving grace & gift of eternal life
  2. God's Word, which teaches, admonishes, inspires and encourages me
  3. My husband, who loves me despite all my flaws and for working hard to support our family
  4. Our precious baby girl growing in my belly, who I am blessed and humbled to be her mom
  5. Our families, who display unconditional support and love
  6. Our church, which constantly seeks to do God's will
  7. Our friends, who we can always turn to for laughter and fun
  8. Our little pup, who brings me much joy and happiness
  9. Our home, which provides us shelter and comfort
  10. Holidays, for the time off work and fellowship with family
  11. Our new car, that God provided us the resources to pay for it in full
  12. Our jobs, that we are both able to work and can afford a comfortable living
  13. God's creation, which I am constantly amazed and in awe
  14. Our health, that we are blessed with good health and no major diseases
  15. Music, which soothes my soul & lifts my mood
  16. Good design & beautiful aesthetics
  17. Delicious food
  18. Free time, rest & relaxation
  19. Vacations
  20. Blogs, magazines & Pinterest
  21. Sales & finding great deals
  22. Fun & challenging workout classes
  23. Freedom
  24. The Internet and easy access to information
  25. Photography & the ability to capture moments
  26. Warm weather & sunshine
  27. Our community & city
  28. Safety and comfort
  29. Interesting and entertaining books & movies
  30. Naps

Also, if you're looking for some fun, free printables for your own Thanksgiving get-together, then you need to check out the awesome collection from Kind Over Matter! 

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  1. You already have your Christmas tree up?? Hypocrite :-P
    Happy Thanksgiving!!