Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Time to spring forward! The warmer weather, the time change and the budding plants all signal the beginning of spring - my favorite time of year! Along with spring, apparently comes an inundation of junk mail soliciting lawn, landscaping and garden services. We are definitely one household that needs those services, given that we've managed to kill our yard and the majority of our landscaping in the relatively short amount of time we've lived at this house. I've also only been able to successfully keep one houseplant alive in our home, but sometimes that's even questionable.

Despite my black thumb, I've decided to plant an indoor herb garden. Yesterday evening, my husband and I joined the masses and flocked to our local Lowes in search of the perfect supplies for my little garden. After meandering through the aisles for a while, we left the store with a 3-pot herb planter, seeds and potting soil. The pot was $9.97, soil was $4.54 and the seeds were half price, so we got basil, cilantro and rosemary seeds for a total of $2.22. Today, I was eager to get these seeds planted, so I gathered my supplies and assembled my herb garden on our back patio...and now we wait (7-14 days, so the seed package says). Here are a few photos of the planting event. We even found the perfect windowsill to house our herb garden.

If you're looking for some creative ideas for neat herb gardens using everyday, ordinary items, below are a few I've found that might inspire you. 
Tea canisters
Florist vases
Shoe Organizer
Glass Bottles
Mason jars

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