Friday, March 16, 2012

Meet Miss Elodie

Yesterday, you might have seen a preview of Elodie's photo session with my talented photographer friend Elyse of Ely Fair Photography. Last Friday, Elyse was kind enough to drop us a visit and shoot some precious shots of baby E despite a little meltdown by the little one. Baby does not like to be naked and will not stay asleep when I really want her to, so there was much more crying and screaming than sleeping like a peaceful newborn during the photo session. Another takeaway from this shoot: Do not feed a diaperless baby unless you don't mind being pooped and peed on...twice. Even with all these setbacks, Elyse was able to capture some priceless moments that we will cherish forever. Check out a preview of the photos on Elyse's blog. 

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