Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Have some class

Are you looking for some FREE, online photography workshops and courses? I discovered a site a while ago that offers free online classes called creativeLIVE. The only catch is that you have to attend the live session in order for it to be free. Recordings of the courses are available for purchase after the live event has taken place.

The next upcoming class is this weekend - Friday, May 13, to Sunday, May 15, so you still have time to sign up to attend. The topic: Food + Culture Photography by award-winning photographer Penny De Los Santos. If you're interested, check out the schedule (note: these are Pacific Time) and sign up here. A little video preview of her class is below...

The Power of Food Photography from Penny De Los Santos on Vimeo.

Whenever I came across this Food & Culture Photography course, I began to consider the strong correlation between the two and how food really does influence society. Just think, how many parties have you attended with no food? Probably not many. Food is an integral component to relationships. It was even demonstrated during Jesus’ time with the breaking of bread at the Last Supper. Food can also define a culture for some people – what some people know about a certain culture is purely based on the food (Chinese, Mexican, Italian, etc.). Just take a look at some of these photos by Penny De Los Santos and be inspired...

This one was taken at Hamburger Inn in El Reno, Oklahoma

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